KYO ORIGAMI,origami di Minori Shimizu, 京おりがみ 清水みのり, 折り紙  



Minori Shimizu

Minori Shimizu was born in Kyoto and she graduated in music at the Kunitachi Collage of Tokyo. In Milan she has followed a program of study as a research as fellow for the International Rotary Foundation. She actually lives and works in Bologna

Magic of Paper
Compositions of origami on cardboard, flattened and unpredictably transformed fields of color, to give life to figures inspired by nature, fairy tales, the imaginary. There is all of Japan, in the work of Minori Shizimu, a native of Kyoto, also known as "the city of a thousand temples", having been almost entirely spared from the Second World War, and considered the greatest reliquary of Japanese culture, seat nationally significant university and world-class cultural centre.

As granddaughter of Kyo Araki, historical founder of Kyo Origami, Minori has learned this art since she was a child, watching the gestures of her grandmother. She did practice on models and styles shown in the books signed by her grandmother and starred the world of fairy tales, nature, legends and traditions of ancient Japan. Creativity expressed with great skill, almost as if he was painting with paper after years, she continued this family tradition to commemorate the victims of the 11 March 2011 Tsunami in Japan

In 2013 Minori was invited as an Origami teacher to a workshop at the Sharjah International Book Fair (United Arab Emirates). Furthermore, she actively participates in the dissemination of Origami and Japanese culture by Origami workshops and exhibitions at events organized by the Japanese Embassy in Rome and by the Japanese Consulate in Milan.

■ May 2012, Second place of XII Edition Premio Astrolabio
■ June 2013,awarded by the selection of the 10th INTERNATIONAL ART BIENNALE OF ROME
■ November 2018, First place of "IO AMO IL MARE" XI Edition Award
■ September 2021, Third place of the "Metropoli di Torino International Painting Competition" VIII Edition

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■ Fold-ups on paper - Origami to train the mind ("Il Giornale dell'Arte", 2014)


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