KYO ORIGAMI,origami di Minori Shimizu, 京おりがみ 清水みのり, 折り紙  

Kyo Origami

KYO ORIGAMI (KYOTO Origami) is an Origami style created by KYO ARAKI, one of the most important Japanese origamists of the last century, who interpreted the social life of the city of KYOTO and its seasons with ORIGAMI.
KYO ORIGAMI by KYO ARAKI, which is made on the cardboard, is a real narrative painting, which picturesquely illustrates and tells the history, landscapes, beauties and traditional event of KYOTO such as Golden Temple(KINKAKUJI), AOI MATSURI and GION MATSURI etc...

KYO ORIGAMI of Araki Kyo

Kyo Araki

In 1973 she published her first ORIGAMI book "KYO ORIGAMI".
In 1975 she was appointed director of the Japanese Origami Association.
In 1982 she released her second ORIGAMI book "SHIKI O ORU" (ORIGAMI Four Seasons).


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